We want your story.

Here you'll find some we prepared earlier.
Babies (Uhm Humans for that matter) don't come with instruction manuals. We see you.

Hard as the journey can be sometimes, Community means shared experiences. Share your ideas and what has worked for you recently or in the not-too-distant past. There’s no surer way of building and finding your tribe than talking about your journeys...

Ready? No? (No worries, none of us EVER really are).



Mamas, Mums  & Mommies

From Pregnancy and Breatfeeding to Mommydom101


Calm and Sleep Drops with CBD

Calmly Demystifying CBD and all that (Scientific) jazz


Wellness in Body & Mind

Wellness and Mindfulness. It's all about the journey!


Meet Hannah.

Our Calm-A-Mama community started a few years ago, when Hannah, the founder of Calm a Mama first started making Calm Drops, the original Calm-A-Mama product. She was then 27, pregnant, and living in a blue house with a deep front porch in Providence, RI.

Feelings of anxiety and helplessness ignited the creator in Hannah, and Calm a Mama has since helped thousands of Moms across America with flower essences that are safe for moms, whether pregnant or breastfeeding, and are also safe for babies and kids.


Meet Kristina.

...The baton has been passed to me, which I am honoured to wield and run with.  My first thought was to build this storytelling hub and community for moms who are 'crushing it'. I love this slang term. It originated in gym and sport; but in the context of the community fervour you have shared with us recently, I love that it resonates with you beautiful mamas, also.

I had my first son at the (apparently) young age of 23. I´m so lucky. And grateful. I feel like my understanding of his generation and his appreciation of where I’m coming from isn’t such a deep drastic chasm for either of us to cross. Share that moment of calming your babe or kid, or just a you moment of overcoming a hurdle of any shape or size. We've all been there...


“Many women
can't breastfeed"
MYTH: The vast majority of women are physically capable of breastfeeding, as long as they have the help and support they need....


"Breastfeeding and oxytocin can help against post-partum depression"
FACT: Oxytocin also has antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties – and it may protect against postnatal depression

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