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Baby’s First Miraculous Hour

As soon as your baby arrives and is placed in your arms, awesome instincts come into play. Your tiny treasure is now an independent being. Within moments of arrival into the world, your baby will seek the breast. Your body and your baby are intertwined...

It’s exciting, yet almost scary at the same time. After all, you’ve been preparing for this for what seems like forever.

Concerned about breastfeeding and baby is here? We’re telling you, push those worries and jitters aside. Your body and your baby are intertwined, both when your newborn was in the womb and now, as their journey in your family begins.

Your baby has entered a new world

As soon as your baby arrives and is placed in your arms, awesome instincts come into play. Your tiny treasure is now an independent being. We don’t mean that they don’t need you every second of the day, but the point we are making is that they are no longer dependent on the uterus, placenta, and umbilical cord.

Once born, your baby moves from a warm environment that supplied both nutrition and oxygen. Your precious newborn gift begins to breathe on their own. Mucus and amniotic fluid will be expelled with the first breath, and you will hear your baby’s first cry.

Skin-to-skin bonding is the next step, where your wee one lays on your chest. The initial touch between mother and child serves to help regulate your baby’s heartbeat, and also gives them a sense of security after the shock of moving through the birth canal. Not only that, hormonal changes take place in both mom and babe in preparation for breastfeeding.

If you are unable to hold your baby right away, let dad step in. If your sweet one has to go to the NICU for a medical reason and having them on your chest isn’t in the picture right away, know that when you do hold them for the first time, your child will know that you are mom, and will love every minute.

It all starts in the first miraculous hour

Within moments of arrival into the world, your baby will seek the breast. They are naturally searching for sweet colostrum, the nutrient-rich liquid that is produced before your first milk comes in. Imagine, in the first hour, your tiny newborn is protected in so many ways by their first feeding. Leukocytes in the colostrum fight infection, antibodies protect against viruses and bacteria, and minerals like magnesium start things off right in the bone health department.

The search for the breast is an instinctual move that relies on the hormone oxytocin. This powerful hormone also allows your precious newborn to feel calmer as they adjust to life outside the womb. In mom, oxytocin stimulates milk production and encourages the need to nurture. And the early suckling of your babe, along with the oxytocin, helps the uterus to contract as your body works to expel the placenta.

Other incredible happenings take place soon after baby is born. Your newborn can smell your breast milk because their olfactory senses of taste and smell were already being fine-tuned while in the womb. And although your baby’s first views of you are blurry, their sight develops over a few months. When you breastfeed, though, the closeness enables them to focus on your face, learning every characteristic.

Hearing is keen, and as a matter of fact, sounds may be intense. Speak softly and soothe your baby with your voice, allowing for relaxation and a sense of belonging to you. Remember, your voice has been there for nine months and is a piece of familiarity that will ease your baby into life outside the womb.

Now, you and baby know each other even more

In the first miraculous hour, you and your child have met face to face and will now continue to bond. Fall in love even more, caress your child’s silky skin and inhale their irresistible scent.

If you miss carrying your baby inside of you, consider baby-wearing. Not only does this allow you to feel your babe against you for hours on end, but the sensation of closeness and cocooning soothes your baby, too. Your little one will follow your breathing pattern and hear your heartbeat as they did in the womb.

Safety is crucial:

Make sure you can see your baby at all times and that they are not slouching.Place them in the carrier so that their head is supportedYour baby’s oxygen supply must be constant Watch your form to ensure a pain-free experience

Enjoy the first hour after your baby’s birth and continue to cherish your child every day. Seeing your baby grow is a blessing, right from the moment of their arrival, and for all the years to follow.


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