• Christina Hibbert

I'm breastfeeding - what's your superpower?

Let me just start off by saying that however you feed your baby, breastfeeding or any other alternative, the only priority is providing the best possible food to our children at any means at our disposal. If they are getting quality nutrients in their tiny bodies then it's because of you, so we all deserve a massive pat on the back.

I´m breastfeeding - Calmamama - Lactation

Today I will tell you my story and if you did happen to breastfeed your child, then maybe you can relate to both the glory and struggles that no one ever told us about !

When I started nursing my baby, I was fascinated and terrified at the same time.

There is now actual sweet nutritious milk streaming out of my breasts, which once had the only job of looking great in a tank top and giving my husband something to play with. Now they had a greater purpose. They were the source of life for my baby girl!

No pressure, boobs!!!

They basically had to grow up.

Well, they grew, that's for sure…

Also, my nipples went from sweet tiny pink cherry blossoms to grown ripe cherries and finally ended up as dried raisins! Ouch!!

I tried countless remedies, from applying freshly expressed breast milk, over warm compress, onto salt water rinse. Nothing would really heal my cracked nipples. At the next feed I'd be in agony again and close to tears.

I didn't tell anybody about it, I felt insecure, as if I was failing. Only when one of my very good friends visited and accidentally saw the raw and stingy truth, my life would make a turn for the better.

She advised me to use this nipple balm.

That was a game changer! How can such a small pot give back so much quality of life!

I am all about natural remedies and I was positively surprised as there is no artificial scent to it, nor did I have to remove it from the skin before my baby could latch on.

Immediately after applying, it relieved the soreness by miles and I wasn't quite as afraid anymore for the next nursing session to come.

As my baby grew older it got easier and easier.

So don't give up if you can relate, keep going as it is so rewarding. It was no easy journey, granted, but it was worth every tear, every struggle and all the pain, when I looked down on my baby girl laying so content and peaceful in my arms, thanking me with the biggest smile.

I can now proudly say that i have been painlessly breastfeeding, even enjoying the intimacy of it and my only customer has zero complaints.


Ed. Note: Christina Hibbert - Sorry that our Nipple Nurture Balm wasn't quite ready when you needed it most but so happy we managed to help one more superhero before it was too late!


Breast Milk - More Than Just Food Whether you are a joyful new mom or are going to give birth to your beautiful bundle soon, we bet that one of the top concerns you have is breastfeeding.

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