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Kelsey Crushing It - A Mama Keeping it Cozy in New York

We have watched "mama countdowns" for quite awhile now...that quintessential moment captured by a thoughtful mother-to-be assessing past, present, future in a beautiful everyday space...and we're lucky enough to get it on our instagram feeds and be inspired by it.

@koolkelsey slays it as a Model Mum (I mean a mother who is also a model). If it has ever crossed your mind if you're the only pregnant mother in the planet counting the days, trust us: Everyone does at one point or another.

Stress not, beautiful mama, what everyone says is true--- you are radiant, and YOU are crushing it right now!

A feeling echoed by mums and mamas-to-be since the dawn of time: "Thanks to pregnancy brain, I forgot to put socks on. Feeling fried these days as I get closer to my due date 🤯"

See what I'm saying? We all get fried brains sometime, try not to be too hard on yourself.

More content on Kelsey and other mamas who inspire us deeply in the coming weeks...


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