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Nichole Crushing it - A Mama in the Great Outdoors

A full article coming shortly...But here's a quick Mama Tribute. To say that this beautiful mama inspires me and thousands of others is an utter understatement. Nichole Golden is my yoga teacher, one of the yoga mamas whose voice echoes in my mind on a regular basis in the nicest possible way.


As is the case with many beautiful mamas who come into my view on my daily notifications,

Watching her motherhood journey...thoughtfulness, anxieties and reflections have been joyfully inspiring.

My favourite part about this inspirational mama (yes, there is more to it than the fact that she does yoga every day, as I do, except ten million times better)...my favourite part is how her desire to be outdoors is exactly what I've been told is best for all the times I was plagued ever so briefly with lethargy and a tiny bit of anxiety and that unmistakable super dooper everyday tiredness every damn day...

A Wellness Quest

As one of my favorite contemporary writers once wrote: "My brain and body always remember West. They remember the presence of the mountains...and the mountains have ingrained themselves into my psyche like some kind of invisible shadow. I can always orient myself to that sensation, as if the air has more pressure that way. I can do it indoors, and (mostly, barring weird circumstances) in the night...We think of ourselves as masters of this planet we live on. Yet this planet, just by having these bumps and riddles in it, worked a fundamental scratch into my crevices, just by its passive enormousness. I love mountains."

Join our Not-so-Secret #SuperfoodSociety by sharing this blog and telling us your one Wellness Goal. I, for one, feel that our thoughts to move forward is more than half the battle...and that thoughts are a building block to really big things.

Better said by the admirable YogaMama though:

So, do share a comment or two, or just follow our blog and stay tuned for ways to keep active, and to be inspired by mamas CRUSHING IT, as Nichole Golden (and many of you out there) clearly are...

We do hope at Calm-a-Mama that we help you focus, get calm and carry on ...carry on enjoying anything and everything you once loved because it is all totally possible!


You aren't here by accident. Every now and then, we broadcast a call for #WellnessQuest Advocates, and we will preface this with the reassurance that should you decide to accept this mission today--of joining our #CalmamamaTribe Wellness Quest-- then your curiosity alone will give you 20% off our Calm-a-Mama products.

Share your journeys!

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