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6 Reasons Why You Should Breastfeed

There have been a lot of kerfuffles online about what seems to be an uprise in breastfeeding objections from both sides: Should you do it in public? Should people be so aggressive about their life choices (either that of NOT supporting breastfeeding or being vocal about its absolute necessity)...

There will always be two sides to the story, and here we start with unpacking not so much the controversies, but the Science we know of. This first blog of a 6-part series will be focused on the nature itself of breastfeeding and its key benefits to mama and baby...

Take a deep breath, smile, and get ready for one of the most amazing times of your life. It’s a roller-coaster for sure, and we’re not saying that there won’t be ups and downs. Is that you in the hazy future of your Future Self?

This is the first of a six-part series on Breastfeeding 101. Want the eBook? Subscribe to our Blog. The eBook also comes with every purchase of Nipple Nurture Balm for breastfeeding mothers.

As if we had to have more on our minds...We've all read the books, eBooks and watched the RomComs that involve swollen ankles and the abject act of giving up your body to this new being that's breathing life inside you (how amazing is that?!) Yes, it's probably true that there will likely be bouts of morning sickness and hormonal pregnancy emotions. Happily, there will also be days when nothing can slow you down and you feel like you are on cloud nine.

That’s it – pregnancy is a journey and one that you are blessed to be on. Revel in every minute and enjoy the wait. Take delight in the planning process, the decorating of the nursery, and the shopping for baby clothes. Of course, the amazement of watching your body grow and feeling your precious babe move is part and parcel of this special time.

No doubt, breastfeeding is one of the topics high on your list of new mom must-do’s (if only The aformentioned Must-Do is the investigative part. Calm-a-Mama has compiled a list of 6 reasons why breastfeeding is best. And we mean for both you and baby-to-be.


Indeed, the breast milk you produce so naturally is nothing short of a miracle. All that your newborn babe needs to thrive and be protected is found in every ounce. Proteins are present that build immunity, oligosaccharides aid in healthy digestion, and long-chain fatty acids set in motion the brain and sight development.


That’s right. The production of milk is remarkably tailored to your child’s specific needs. As your baby grows and their stomach enlarges, your body adjusts in an extraordinary way. At a week old, your baby’s tummy is the size of a walnut and within a few short weeks, grows as large as an egg. Your breasts then begin to produce more milk as demand increases.


Breastfeeding, in combination with a doctor-approved exercise regimen and a nutritional eating plan, can help you get your body back in tip-top shape and give you the all-essential energy a new mom needs. This is not the time to make losing that baby tummy your number one focus, but breastfeeding does help your uterus to get back into pre-pregnancy form. Keep it realistic, though, and don’t expect changes overnight.


Oxytocin is a hormone that is busy at work while you are pregnant. It’s a triple hitter, for a fact. This multipurpose hormone triggers the nurturing nature as we carry a child, and then during labor, works to aid the uterus in contracting. When we nurse, oxytocin provides stress-relieving benefits like lowering blood pressure and encouraging feel-good emotions.


When your tiny little person is growing in leaps and bounds, you can be reassured that they are thriving just as they should. Researchers state that breast milk regulates how much your child consumes by virtue of hormones like ghrelin and leptin. Credited with influencing “optimal growth,” these hormones ensure the growth rate that suits your baby best.


Leukocytes are cells in the milk that fight infection. Incredibly, these cells increase to the tune of nearly 100% when there is threat of viruses or bacteria to either you or precious babe. This change to the milk is yet another example of the exceptional protection that is offered to breastfed babies.

It’s time to take care of yourself

As you make your way through this nine-month journey, remember to prepare yourself for the baby on the way. A proper diet will get you through, as will taking prenatal vitamins prescribed by your doctor or midwife. Rock that pregnancy wardrobe at every moment, and express sheer joy and delight in your pre-baby state. All of this will combine to help your body prepare for the big day, and aid in the production of the breast milk your little one needs.


Editor's Note - This is one of many articles on all things calm-a-mama. A lot of them feature moms #crushingIT

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